About the Energy TestLab

Led by Professor Tapan Saha and Professor Ryan Ko, the TestLab aims to serve as a collaborative research, teaching and learning space for 21st century cyber-physical power and energy systems.

Who we are

Following the Prime Minister’s Industry 4.0 Taskforce adoption of the “Industry 4.0 Testlabs Strategic Initiatives”, in cooperation with the German Platform Industry 4.0, six universities in Australia have been selected for the National Industry 4.0 TestLab. As part of this program, The University of Queensland has been awarded a grant, matched by funding from UQ, for the Industry 4.0 UQ Energy TestLab. A significant contribution has also been made by Siemens to fund software and hardware.

What we do

The Industry 4.0 UQ Energy TestLab will focus on an Internet-of-Things enabled digital manifestation of the entire electricity network portfolio for energy management, power system analysis, and cyber security.

The TestLab will serve as a point of engagement between subject matter experts and researchers to enable knowledge transfer and collaboration to facilitate in-depth power and energy system research and create engaging and deeply realistic teaching and learning experiences for students.

The TestLab will have the opportunity to integrate key technologies and expertise of electrical and mechanical engineering, cyber security, big data, design innovation, communication, human-computer interaction, software programming, economics, psychology and policy design with UQ’s focus on multi-disciplinary energy research.